One of the best courses I have ever been on, extremely well run and all relevant equipment available and well kept, in particular the dummies for the CPR and AED training. All course material I found very relevant and the way Ruairi delivered the content both serious when it needed to be and fun when appropriate a nice balanced build stuff a very interesting person who certainly knows his stuff. Loved the hands-on session in the outdoors learned an awful lot in patient care and some very useful hacks. Overall I found the whole experience to be excellent and the best compliment I could pay is that I will walk away with the confidence and knowledge to be able to act an emergency.

Garry Watts

Excellent course, lots of new skills and a lot of fun.

Colin Orr

Brilliant training. I will feel skilled and able after doing this. Very informative. Overall excellent, would highly recommend. Hands on learning.

Mick Drumm

This program was very interesting in its delivery, information and practical techniques were fused together to provide an excellent learning experience that both captivated and amazed.

Cian Daly

I would highly recommend. You first aid courses in the past, and can honestly say that this course was informative well explained. I am looking forward to continuing my education.

Daniel Pluck

If you're slightly worried about your ability or your confidence then Venturesafe as the first aid course for you. Ruairi is an amazing trainer and puts all worries away with ease.

Stephen O Connor

The programme was thoroughly interesting, practical, informative and interactive. The topics were clearly outlined and relevant, all improved by the outstanding delivery of the instructor.

Stephen Reeve

Ruairi Was an excellent shooter and helped us to understand a wide variety of situations and how best to deal with them. A very serious and important subject was taught in a thorough and effective way but it was light hearted and enjoyable when necessary. Highly recommended.

Max Carpio

Ruairi is the most knowledgeable instructor I've come across in this field. His real life experience is an added bonus and adds extra interest throughout the day / course. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend Ruairi before anyone else.

Lyndsey Green

A superb course given by a very knowledgeable instructor. Great information for scouts but also everyday situations.

Eleanor Chambers

The friendly and professional approach. Murray has such a wealth of experience behind him that the information just flows.

Lesley Rankin

Superb, thorough, knowledgeable, useful and great fun, by far the best such training I've ever done.

Ray Sherrin

I enjoyed this course very much, I feel this course should be a must for all scouters.

Valerie Gallagher

I really enjoyed the course. It made me more confident that I might be able to help if time comes.

Ana Fernandez

Great course, Ruairi was a great instructor, fun day of learning.

Julie Dunne

Enjoy the content and the interaction. Worked well with our group and our needs.

Stephen Delaney

Excellent course, very interactive and easy to follow.

Orla Nugent

Found the training to be of a very high standard and very informative, great to know I have this knowledge.

Barry Harrington

Brilliant, well worth doing.

Rosemary Ryan

Overall an excellent course. I would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat. Great application to relevant situations based on your training needs (i.e. Scouting).

Fiona Lawlor

Venturesafe provided me with the vital skills for parenting. I would recommend this course for all parents carers, childminders and teachers.

Elena Keany

Excellent at building confidence that I could give some first aid to family, friends, strangers. Memorable, practical and enjoyable.

Laura Steerman

Ruairi was clear and informative in all aspects of the demonstration. By working in simple language with lots of hands-on opportunities, it allowed for a lot of information being retained in a short amount of time, and in a friendly, interesting way.

Matt Steerman

Ruairi Was excellent on all fronts full stuff his knowledge of the subject matter and his interpersonal skills are excellent. I would strongly recommend him to others interested in building their knowledge base.

Martin Raftery

I highly recommend this course for any new parents. It goes through all the main concerns you have and gives you some comfort that you could act in an emergency.

Rowena Duffy

Very engaging. Time flew by and alot covered , feeling a lot more confident towards administering first aid.

Stephanie Ducker

I feel more comfortable if I should need to deal with an emergency.

Angela Mell

Found this course very informal, covered all things / incidents we may encounter during a school day.

Amy Dwyer

Very informative. The instructor was good very engaging.

Deirdre Gill

The course was well delivered and very informative, I would happily recommend Ruairi.

Hazel Sharkey

Very enjoyable, leaving with feeling that everyone should have this knowledge, would really love to attend more courses.

Mary O’Brien

Enjoyable, knowledgeable, well delivered and informative.

Valerie Holland

Enjoyable, informative, well presented, essential.

Pat O’Brien

Excellent course content, well delivered.

Jayne Power

Excellent course. Should have done it long ago.

Gerard Bowe

Very enjoyable. Very enthusiastic instructor great hands-on experience. I would highly recommend this course . It's so important to know.

Craig Flynn

I would recommend this course as a beginners or a refresh.

Donal Kerin

This is of course that everybody should do, it's the key to being a good citizen.

Mary O Brien

Course was delivered very professionally at a good level.

Diarmuid Scannell

Thought the course was very applicable in everyday life. Good skills to have if ever found in any emergency situation. Ruairi was very knowledgeable and great instructor.

Courtney Flanagan

The structure was very knowledgeable with lots of real life practical examples ,enjoyable.

Kevin Roche

Really excellent of course, very professionally run, great content.

Richard Mullen

All training aids of a high quality, and structure, very personable.

Conor Farrelly

Really enjoyed Ruairi's presentation and found it very informative.

Derek Farrell

Excellent course. Would recommend everyone to take this , you never know when you may need to use this information.

Fiona Heally

Great course everything was covered. No time wasting very clear and knowledgeable.

Beckie McGinn

I really enjoyed the course and Ruairi made it fun and enjoyable would highly recommend.

Laura Cafffery

The instructor was really sound and really knowledgeable and dealt with the group well.

Ian Dalton

Everything organized comment good knowledge course, the instructor is very good!

Alexandru Puili

Overall this course was very well organized. The instructor had a great knowledge of what he was teaching.

Emmet Quinn

It was very practical and useful, I would highly recommend it.

Olivia Coyne

Helpful and great workshop to learn, refresh and memorize.

Maren Gutierrez

I found this very beneficial to my first aid training and learned new things too.

Mary Sheehan

Good energy and solid understanding of his subject.

Paddy Lynn

Ruairi’s previous experience shined through and added to the experience immensely.

Ivan Heraughty

I really enjoyed this course and feel more knowledgeable in dealing with any future accidents and incidents. Gave a real boost of confidence.

Aisling McNiffe

Ruairi is an excellent instructor. Very knowledgeable, shows alot, make you practice and makes sure everyone understands the topic . Thank you!

Jozsef Csepe

Ruairi was very well prepared, knowledgeable, all content was clear and excellent explanation given. We also got goodies to take home. Thank you!

Mariusz K

Really worth doing for a general knowledge on first aid with a specific focus on children first aid. Brilliant instructor.

Jonathon Hanlon

I found this course very informative. I would highly recommend this course. V.Good.

Mary Conroy

I found this course fantastic. I feel much more confident now knowing I can help if the situation arises.

Marie-Claire O Shaughnessy

Cannot recommend this course more. It is invaluable and has greatly improved my confidence.

Sharon McCoy

Great course. Great instructor. Highly recommend.

Beatrix Alonso

Great course, Ruairi is exceptionally well qualified and very interesting delivery.

Iseult Cleere

Enjoyable fun way to learn first aid. Instructor was knowledgeable and passionate about the topics. Reiterated important aspects such as am I safe , is scene safe.

Deirdre Lawlor

This was a highly informative practical course. Ruairi made everything interesting and manageable to learn. I would feel confident to help someone in an emergency situation now, without hesitation. Thanks!

Claire Hanney

Ruairi is a brilliant instructor. I feel very confident in dealing with an emergency after his 4 hour course.

Jessica Hurley