We are open and are helping businesses with their COVID reopening.

Venturesafe's Travel Safety Training will provide you with information and skills to make your travel safer, easier, cheaper, less-stressful and more fun. You will obtain the confidence and skills to manage difficulties or emergencies, thus allowing you to visit more exotic or remote locations. Our courses are suited to first time travellers, solo travellers, students traveling and working abroad as well as the more experienced expedition and business traveller.

Venturesafe recommends First Aid Training for all. We can train you to recognise and deal with cardiac arrest, heart attack, choking and stroke in as little as 4 hours. The training includes practical sessions and exercises. No prior training is required and anyone can learn these basic life skills that mean the difference between life and death to your family, friends, work colleagues. First Aid is an essential life skill.
Venturesafe's Expedition Training focuses on skills for research, planning, operations, logistics and contingency planning. Our vehicle based training includes off road training, vehicle maintenance / problem solving and recovery. We also provide vital training in navigation (traditional and electronic) and in communications (radio and satellite systems). Equipment selection and training is also a speciality.