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First Aid Training

First Aid Training

About Our Courses

Venturesafe recommends First Aid Training for all. We can train you to recognise and deal with cardiac arrest, heart attack, choking and stroke in as little as 4 hours. The training includes practical sessions and exercises. No prior training is required and anyone can learn these basic life skills that mean the difference between life and death to your family, friends, work colleagues. First Aid is an essential life skill.

Which course is for you ?

If in a medical emergency of a loved one your first instinct is to call for help first thats great and the right thing to do, if your only instinct is to call for help and rely on others to arrive to help you are in need of First Aid Training.
Venturesafe’s training varies from a 4 hour basic course on essential lifesaving skills and a new found confidence, to a 3 Day First Aid Response Course as required by employers and the HSA.
New baby in the house? We can help with the First Aid Training; there will be enough sleepless nights without that worry.
Traveling far from the beaten track? We have wilderness medical specialists that can add additional elements to our accredited courses.
Venturesafe’s courses are a good mix of easy to digest information and lots of practical application, exercises and easy to remember tips and tricks.
For further queries on tailor made courses for groups please contact us.

External Accreditation

Our Instructors are externally accredited by and can certify students through:
American Heart Association ( AHA ), The Irish Heart Foundation ( IHF) , The Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council ( PHECC) , The Occupational First Aid Assessment Council (OFAAC) , Further Education and Training Awards Council ( FETAC ) , Quality and Qualifications Ireland ( QQI ) and the Health and Safety Authority ( HSA ).

The certifications depend on the particular course. In some cases we can provide multiple certifications for a single course.

Basic / Emergency First Aid

Heartsaver CPR & AED

Cardiac First Responder

Cardiac First Responder – Advanced

First Aid Response / Occupational First Aid

New Parent / Childminder First Aid

Basic Paediatric First Aid

Emergency Marine First Aid

Sports First Aid

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