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Online Training

Why Online Training?

Lower Costs

Benefit from huge savings on cost should you choose to take our course online in comparison to the traditional classroom method. Organisations we have worked with have reported a 50% decrease in cost as a result of moving to the online method. Why not make the wise decision to take our course online during these uncertain times.

Less Downtime, More Productivity

It is without a doubt that huge savings on downtime can be achieved from taking our courses online. Organisations we have worked with reported a 70% reduction on time spent on training from taking the course(s) online. No time is lost traveling to the training centre and the courses provide quick and precise intuition and interactivity on first class design. Courses can also be completed at home and during unsocial hours.

When and Where suits you.

The other huge advantage of online training is that you have the ability to take our courses anytime and anywhere. This means that you can take them from your workplace or from the comfort of your own home or the local coffee shop. The fact that you take the course on your own in your own time means that you can go at your own pace and not be restricted to the pace of the traditional classroom method.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Do Online Training?

Face to Face training is still favoured by most people as the best way to learn. Speaking from my own experience, the majority of learners will say you cannot replace the personal interaction between a good trainer (emphasis on good) and learner. Having the ability to pick the mind of the expert and have them answer questions no–one else can, cannot be replaced online.

However, finding the time to train can be very difficult for employers and individuals. Getting everybody into the same room at the same time can be a logistical nightmare; finding personal time can sometimes be even harder. For many organisations and individuals, online training is the solution.

Online training has been one of the top trends in learning and development in recent years. Online training brings many benefits to your business, such as ensuring your team is trained to a high standard without disruption to productivity, as well as being more affordable than face to face training. Personally, it can increase your knowledge and confidence, as well as improving your potential with existing or prospective employers

What exactly is Online Training?

As people are generally getting busier at work and in their personal lives, traditional classroom training may not be suitable for all. Online training (also known as e-learning or distance learning) is education or learning that takes place over the internet rather than in a face to face situation. Usually accessed by computer, phone or tablet by an individualrather than groups of people.

What are the Benefits of Online Training?

No-Risk to Health 

With the risk of infection from COVID-19 and other potentially life-threatening pathogens, face to face training can present a threat to life safety as well as the increased spread of the virus in the community. Online training can eliminate that risk as the learner will complete training alone instead of in a group. At the moment, this is probably the biggest benefit of online training.  

Online Training is more Cost–Effective than Face to Face Training 

Face-to-face courses can sometimes be a logistical nightmare for employers. What we intend to start as one training session can end up as multiple sessions, as we can never get everyone in the room at the same time.  

Face-to-face courses are usually more expensive as you are paying for the time and expertise of the trainer. 

With online training, you don’t have to pay for several days’ worth of training, on top of transport to training centres. Your employees can access their online training courses anywhere, anytime, making it more convenient and cost–effective. If you are training large groups, you are likely to get substantial discounts on the cost of training. 

More Convenient than Face to Face Training 

As online training is available anywhere at any time, learners won’t be under pressure to carry out work or be distracted with other activities.  

We all learn at a different pace; some of us take more or less time to absorb and process information than others. Therefore Online training can be suitable for almost every learner. 

Face-to-face training, on the other hand, is unlikely to be the ideal solution for everyone as some participants can get left behind. 


Online training courses deliver the same content to everyone, and an exam usually measures this learning. Unlike classroom trainers, online training will never have a bad day, so you know all your employees will come away with the same quality of knowledge every time. Back up by evidence of exams.

Variety of Online Training  

There tends to be a wider variety of online training programmes available when compared to face to face courses. As the cost of online training is usually a lot cheaper than face to face classes, multiple licences are more affordable to purchase thus giving access to a wide variety of lessons. With online training, staff can complete courses suited to their job, rather than everyone doing the same course as we want to fill the course quota to get value for money.

Accuracy of Online Training

Our Online courses are usually kept up to date. When a change is made on online training; it is made across the board with little chance of old versions floating around. Unlike printed notes and books that can end up with multiple revisions. 

Instant Feedback 

After completing an online course, employees will receive immediate results and feedback on their performance. Users can also track their progress and revisit areas of misunderstanding before completing the assessment. Additionally, the majority of online training courses provide each successful user with a certificate of completion. Learners can use certificates as evidence of compliance and professional development, making fantastic additions to their CV. Many courses also contribute to CPD hours. 

Interactive and Engaging  

In face to face training, some learners zone out after about 40 minutes unless the course is highly interactive and engaging. Interactive online courses will provide your learners with active learning, helping to increase their retention of course material. They will usually have activities that keep the learner entertained and challenged.  


So there you have it, multiple reasons to consider Online training as an alternative or complement to classroom–based training. While you can never beat the interactivity of real face to face training (with an excellent instructor). Online training has so many benefits that cannot be ignored.  

Either form of training can stand on its own; however, together Online training and Face to Face will ensure you are ahead of the competition.

What are main features of your online courses? Are they on-demand? Is it different content from the in-person offering?

While in-person training has been our “bread and butter” for years, we have expanded our offering to  online courses in the spring of 2020 to offer more flexibility for learning during the COVID-19 crisis.

All of our online / E learning courses are on demand, so you can complete them at your own pace when it suits you best.

The content is much the same as the in person contact, but there is the obvious draw back of not being able to ask questions of an experienced instructor in the room.

For some courses there is the option of Blended Learning where we can conduct assessments, follow up Q & A sessions etc, either in person or virtually via a video link such as Zoom.

Every company requires some form of training solutions for their employees. They could be looking to enhance their team’s skillset, or simply meet their legal requirements. Whatever the reason, as a training provider, it is vital that you have the courses on offer. Because most employers want the most effective training while also being the least disruptive to the business, e-learning courses are the best solution.

How Can Offering E-Learning Courses Help Your Business?

If you’re wondering why you should invest in e-learning courses, then it’s essential you understand the benefits they can bring. Organisations will be on the lookout for training solutions that are efficient and effective. Because of this, online training courses are growing in popularity. The many benefits of e-learning courses include;

Convenient And Flexible

E-learning has no boundaries, and so learners can complete training at a time and place that suits them. These courses can be completed from anywhere with an internet connection, so there is no need for learners to be in the office. As a training provider, you can give this level of flexibility and freedom to all of your clients,

Increased Performance

Online training courses can be completed far quicker than in-person training. Because of this, workers are able to get back to their daily tasks and put their new skills to the test. E-learning courses don’t take employees time away from their work and helps to improve overall job performance.

Real-Time Feedback

Because e-learning is completed and assessed in real-time, learners can benefit from instant feedback. They can see what they have got right and what areas need more work, and management teams can also see overviews of this information. When you offer your clients online courses, you can help them reduce manual training evaluations.

What if I have difficulty hearing?

All our online courses include full Closed Captioning so you don't miss a thing.

Are there membership restrictions?

Each member upon payment of the course fee will be granted a unique user ID and password which is used to gain access to the materials therein. Under NO circumstances whatsoever may any registered user share or distribute their user IDs or passwords to third parties or display the content of the course to other non-registered members for the purpose of training. Under NO circumstances whatsoever shall members distribute the courseware contained within this site. Each course is individually licensed. Any breach of these terms will result in the immediate suspension of the account and additional charges in respect of the additional unauthorised uses of the course.

Minimum system and connectivity requirements.

Members are required to have an installed working version of an operating system Microsoft Windows 7 / Mac OS X 10.8 as a minimum and Adobe Acrobat Reader version 9 or above and appropriate software, as indicated for the course. A modern and up-to-date web browser is required, you can check your browser version by visiting: JavaScript must be enabled. The web pages are not guaranteed to display in any other format. Adobe flash software version 10 and above is recommended for members to complete certain courses. If Adobe Flash Player is required, it will be indicated as such in the course description. Graphics card is recommended but not essential. Audio reproduction via speakers or headset is required. Standard quality minimum connected speed to the user device a minimum 3 Mb/sec is required For High quality minimum connected speed to the user device 5 Mb/sec is required and up to date video drivers are required. Minimum memory of 1GB must be available


The content has been tested and is known to work on iOS devices from the iPad 2 onwards and iPhone 4 onwards, It has also been tested on some Android devices including the Samsung Galaxy tab II and the Kindle Fire HD. Performance may be limited by signal availability. Most other Android devices with some exceptions depending on OS version and browser used can be used. Performance may be limited by signal availability.

Are there different types of accounts?


  • One single login for you to complete the online training
  • Flexible interactive online training
  • Sign in and out as often as you need
  • System remembers where you left off
  • Multiple device support
  • Download your certificate immediately upon successful completion


One administrator login where you can assign licences to yourself and/or employees

  • Your own online training administrator panel
  • Monitor your staff’s progress
  • Scalable as your business grows
  • Flexible interactive online training
  • Multiple device support
  • Automatic certification upon successful completion

Most online training will be certified by external awarding bodies who will confirm that the information within the course is accurate, engaging, relevant and compliant with the highest quality standards. They will audit the material and ensure the training provider continues to review their content or face losing the Stamp of Approval.

How can I pay?

You can choose the easiest method for you to pay.
PayPal thought the Course Link. (This gives immediate access to the course).
PayPal via an Invoice and Payment Link. (We will then send you a link to the course.)
Over the phone using SumUp Virtual Terminal. (We will then send you a link to the course.)
In person by card using SumUp Card Reader. (We will then send you a link to the course.)
Via Revolut. (We will then send you a link to the course.)
We will also accept cash. (We will then send you a link to the course.)
Please contact us for bundle offers, corporate subscriptions, invoiced  orders and any other queries or concerns you may have.

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