Harness & Lanyard Inspection and Certification Service

Harness Inspection and Certification Service


All working at height harnesses, lanyards and connectors are required to be inspected and certified by a competent and qualified inspector every 6 months at a minimum. If harnesses are heavily used, have been used in a fall or used in corrosive environments additional inspections should apply.

Inhouse or Collection Service

We can carry out this service at your location or arrange to have the harness and lanyards collected, inspected and returned. 


Certification will include harness, lanyard, connectors certification tags and completion of the GA1 Certificates. 


Please contact us for a quote.

Please note.

It is Venturesafes policy to not return any equipment that fails testing to ensure they can never be used accidentally, in this case a photos, a certificate of destruction and the GA1 cert will be supplied.

If equipment is required for audit purposes etc, it may be returned but it will be made permanently unusable by cutting etc.